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I lost my Andy too  / B.c. Lewis (none)  Read >>
I lost my Andy too  / B.c. Lewis (none)
on 10-4-2006 my handsome happy 15 yr old son collapsed and died while playing baseball-no warning-no symptoms. so when I saw "collapsed"  in your Andys memorialit shook my soul. We found out Andrew had viral myocarditis a n unknown cold virus got in his heart-no symptoms=med examiner said first symptm is often sudden death. I wondered if this is what happened to your son. Our lives were ruined. I almost died froma disease Cushings-caused by the overproduction of stress hormones in my brain.  No one should have to endure loosing their child.  Im so sorry for your loss. Close
God Bless You!!  / By Passer   Read >>
God Bless You!!  / By Passer
I didnt know "Andy" I am just a by passer to the site. Just wanted to say God bless his aunt && each and every one of his friends and family! Close
a picture for you xx  / Sarah Porter Angel Lauras Mummy   Read >>
a picture for you xx  / Sarah Porter Angel Lauras Mummy
for you sweetheart xx  / Sarah Porter Angel Lauras Mummy   Read >>
for you sweetheart xx  / Sarah Porter Angel Lauras Mummy
Missing Andy more and more....  / Aunt Melissa (aunt)  Read >>
Missing Andy more and more....  / Aunt Melissa (aunt)
As Andy's anniversary approaches, we keep our thoughts to ourselves and look to God still with unanswered questions. Only he knows, but we're to understand.  It hardly seems like 2 years have gone. Two years of wondering, two years of yearning to see him, to talk to him, to hug him, to hold him, to touch him. God blessed us with Andy and we cherish every memory we have. We hold dear to our hearts every second that we think and remember him, not wanting, not ready to let go. But as God watches over us with Andy, he tells us, It's okay, okay to let go, even if we aren't ready, okay to say, rest in peace Andy, you will always be in our hearts.  But yet when its the most trying of times, its the time to remember and reflect on how Andy would want us to remember him.  How he would want us to release him peacefully to God and keep him within our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. God Bless you Brian Andrew, we love you dearly and we miss you terribly, but we smile when we hear your laugh. And we come to peace in our hearts knowing that God is taking care of our special angel. Close
HEY! / Brittany Watts (Friend)  Read >>
HEY! / Brittany Watts (Friend)
Hey Family! I just wanted to check up on the family. never see you anymore. i really miss you. i miss hangin with ashley and andy at the gas station. i miss his ways of makin people laugh. but it gets better and he is watchin over us everyday. he wouldnt want it any other way. Close
Touched by Andy's Story...  / Heather Johnston (None)  Read >>
Touched by Andy's Story...  / Heather Johnston (None)
I was just browsing and came across this site.  My thoughts and prayers are with your family.  I have a son that is 17 and loves to hunt and just seeing all of Andy's hunting pictures makes me think of my son and how precious he is to me.  My very best friend lost her son, Jeremy, 4 years ago in a car accident and he loved to hunt as well.  I pray that the Lord will be with the family.  Just believe in the Lord and know that you will see Andy again someday.  God Bless. Close
Andy's day  / Aunt Melissa   Read >>
Andy's day  / Aunt Melissa

Today was a special day of the year that all the guys got together for the morning of Thanksgiving deer hunt. Andy was the leader and he will always continue to guide them.We didn't attend this Thanksgiving but Andy and his family are in our thoughts and prayers today.  I miss hearing his stories so much about his deer that he had seen or got a shot at.  Most of the time during the hunts, he would get a deer, if not that morning then sometime on Thanksgiving week.  Then after all the hunting and pictures we would go in and eat and Andy always staked his claim on the three layered chocolate desert that I would make (I even put his name on it one year), but he did share.  So we are thinking of him every minute today as always and holding him dear to us forever.

My prayers to you!!  / Erin Durham   Read >>
My prayers to you!!  / Erin Durham


I was just browsing and found Andy's memorial page. I am so very sorry for your loss! I too lost a son on 8/19/06. Tyler was 15 years old and was killed in a car accident while taking a ride around the block in a friend's new car. He was a belted, back seat passenger, and the car left the road, struck a tree and he oassed away at the scene. I feel your pain, and I know there are NO words tha can take that away, ever. Please know that your family will be in my daily prayers and I know that The Lord will give you grace and strength each and everyday to get through this life, and bring you to the day when you see your precious "Andy" again.


May God bless you,

Erin Durham

mom of Angel Andrew Tyler Durham

just inspired  / Sharron Mcgrath   Read >>
just inspired  / Sharron Mcgrath
Was just passing through some sites and clicked on andys. I too lost my son in2004 he was 16yrs old and died in a vehicle accident on prom night. When looking at andys pictures and reading his storys I thought now there is a boy my son would be having fun with in heaven. They sound like they have so much in common. When we lost my son, a brother , grandson, and nephew, cousin. we thought there was no way God would be doing this to us. James was such a good kid.Well liked by everyone he came across. Just about the time I didnt think I could take it anymore I cryed out to God and said here your going to have to get me through this I cant do it alone. Me and my family could of never gotten through without Gods grace. James was a christian. After loosing my son we lost 5 more kids in our little community of 2000, all being friends with my son. I know they are all in heaven having a blast andy is not alone.I also know there is not a day goes by I dont think of my son. sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh. I was affraid at first if I didnt dwell on it 24/7 that I would forget things he had done. but I didnt. I say my heart is like a home and there is a room for everyone. James has his own room in my heart and I can go there and visit anytime I want. I know you got your own burdens to bear and dont care to here mine. But I have got on some sites and just cant believe how some people want to remember their loved ones. Its nice to see andys family believes and trust in God and some day soon we will stand at gates and them boys will be running with open arms to greet us. If anything has come from our loss it has been that we have used our loss to show people in the community if you trust in God you can get through anything.Several young people were saved after jamies loss. Lots of our friends started bringing there familys to church. God Love you and your family and you will be in our prayers. Never give up, no matter how hard it is god will never leave you   Close
We Remember Them  / Karen Hall (Kassie Hall's Mom )  Read >>
We Remember Them  / Karen Hall (Kassie Hall's Mom )

In the rising of the sun and its going down,
We remember them

In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter,
We remember them

In the opening of the buds and in the rebrith of spring,
We remember them

In the blueness of the sky and in the warmth of summer,
We remember them

In the rustling of the leaves and in the beauty of autumn,

We remember them

In the beginning of the year and when it ends,
We remember when

When we are weary and in need of strength,
We remember them

When we are lost and sick at heart,
We remember them

When we have joy we yearn to share,
We remember them

So long as we live, they too shall live,
For they are now a part of us,
As we remember them
My Nephew  / Aunt Melissa (aunt)  Read >>
My Nephew  / Aunt Melissa (aunt)

For some of you who would like to read, in Andy's Senior Scrapbook there is a poem written by a deer hunter named Alex.  The poem was written just for Andy and can also be found in the forum in www.BowHunters.com.  You can type in my user name, melis1962 and password Andy33 to view.  It was an honor to have this gentleman write this poem for Andy's scrapbook.  There is another poem that was submitted also that is wonderful.

There is nothing that I can say about Andy that none of you don't already know. He truely was a special young man that I miss so very much.  I wish peace to Brian, Anna, Aaron, Ashley and Jackie and  I hope that all of  these little things that keep popping up like 33 of something is the sign from Andy that he truly is okay and looking down on us smiling that half-cocked grin of his,  telling us to go on with our lives but to keep him in our memory, our prayers and our thoughts. They always say it gets easier with time, not this time,  this is the hardest test that God has given our family and there isn't a minute that I don't think of Andy or see his face.