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  Brian "Andy"  Krout was born July 8, 1989 to  Brian & Anna (Cox) Krout.  I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  Andy was my nephew and a very special part of  my life, he was a great kid, one that everyone wanted to be around.  He could make you smile without saying a word, and he could make you laugh hysterically just by being Andy.  He had so many friends. Andy loved sports especially tennis and basketball.   His forehand was astonishing and if you were on the receiving end of his ace  - you could only watch it speed by. He was WRC  champion in tennis. Andy was a very special young man. We watched him go from Ertl farm sets, micro machines, power rangers, hot wheels, and on to the bigger boy toys like paint ball guns and go karts.  

       Andy & Cory spent a lot of time together growing up and it was a joy to watch them grow into young adults.  Andy loved his family and his friends very much. He was a big part of our family and now we have a hole in it.Andy collapsed at home the early hours of Feb. 25th, 2007, and our world has stood still for the longest of time.   He is survived by his parents, older brother Aaron Dean Krout and sisters Ashley Renea Krout and Jackie Covault.  He is deeply missed by family and many friends!His grandparents are Rusty & Penny Krout, & Marilyn Cox.  His maternal grandpa, William Cox, preceedes him. Andy is also survived by his maternal great-grandmother, Rose Covault . Aunts & Uncles include: Jeff Krout , Kevin Krout,  David & Melissa Henry, Kelly Kirby,  Mark & Fawn Cox, Bill & Tamara Cox, Brian Cox,  & Rob & Traci Gross,  Andy had a lot of cousins who miss him dearly, including his little buddies Wesley & Jayden Cox. 

         Andy had a love for the outdoors. He had talked about being a conservation officer.  I always admired how he knew so much at an early age about hunting. He  enjoyed hunting deer and had began to hunt turkey.  He was always fun to listen to about his deer watching. He could tell you what deer took which path thru the woods and at what time.  He loved the outdoors and he lived for the hunt.  Andy got to go on a fishing trip with his father and grandpa Rusty too Canada. 

        If you lit a candle for each friend that Andy had and treasured, you could light up the whole world.  His funeral visitation showed how much he was loved and thought of with over 3,000 attending.  So if you've never told your family or friends that you love them  or if you have been thinking about going and seeing that special person you haven't seen for a while, Go Today, don't wait for something that may not happen, only God knows what tomarrow will bring for all of us.

       I wish Brian, Anna, Aaron, Ashley, & Jackie peace in their hearts knowing that Andy is watching over all of us smiling and laughing and deep in my heart I know that he would be telling all of us he is okay and to move on with our lives,  bless them and keep them safe and have comfort knowing that Andy is with his grandpa Cox and his great grandparents. He would be telling all of you, his friends to do the same as he was that type of person, he wouldn't want you to be worrying or crying for him but to simply remember him and to lite the candles for him. He would be playing tennis or basketball up above and he would also be telling Grandma Krout to keep those snicker bars coming.

Andy was special to me and I don't think that the void in my heart can ever be complete again.  "Thank You Andy for all the special hugs and memories.


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God Bless You!!   / By Passer
I didnt know "Andy" I am just a by passer to the site. Just wanted to say God bless his aunt && each and every one of his friends and family!
a picture for you xx   / Sarah Porter Angel Lauras Mummy
for you sweetheart xx   / Sarah Porter Angel Lauras Mummy
Missing Andy more and more....   / Aunt Melissa (aunt)
As Andy's anniversary approaches, we keep our thoughts to ourselves and look to God still with unanswered questions. Only he knows, but we're to understand.  It hardly seems like 2 years have gone. Two years of wondering, two years of yearning t...  Continue >>
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